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Jacky Oh.

DC Young Fly Wife: Jacky Oh Age, Net Worth. Wiki, Bio, Husband, Parents, Career.

Jacky Oh Age.

As of 2023, Jacky is 33 years old.

She is a conserved individual and therefore chooses to celebrate her birthdays each year with close friends and family.

Jacky Oh  Bio.

Jacky Oh is an actress, model, entrepreneur, TV personality, and internet sensation born in Oakland, California.

Her popular name is a nickname she got from a friend back in school.

She is popular for appearing on the improv comedy show Wild ‘n Out and dating her fellow cast DC Young FLY.

Jacky Oh Career.

She is popularly known for appearing on Wild ‘n Out Cast improv comedy T.V show. In 2019, she broke the bank when she launched her lip gloss line named J Nova collection.

Jacky is a jack of all trades, she is an actress, model, entrepreneur, T.V personality, and internet sensation.

During an interview on Blac Chynna T.V Show premiere, Jacky revealed that the reason she ventured into her ultra glossy lip gloss is that she frequently got questions about her makeup and she, therefore, decided to capitalize on that.

Jacky Oh Salary and Net Worth.

Jacky has a net worth of $7 million generated from her numerous professions.

She earns an annual salary of $600,000.

Jacky’s Wiki.

  • Age: 33 years as of 2023.
  • Date Of Birth: November 3, 1990.
  • Salary: $600,000.
  • Net Worth: $7 million.
  • Career: Actress, model, entrepreneur, TV personality, and internet sensation.
  • Zodiac: Scorpio.
  • Nationality: American.

Jacky Oh Husband and Daughters.

DC Young FLY is a renowned rapper well known for being cast on the improv comedy show Wild ‘n Out and being a husband to Jacky Oh.

The two love birds have 2 babies together named Nova Whitfield and Nala Whitfield.

DC and Jacky Oh have not been involved in any controversies that we know of and it is, therefore, safe to say that though they are not married, Jacky Oh and DC Young Fly have a good romantic relationship.

DC Young FLY: Jacky Oh’s Husband Salary.

He earns an annual salary of $500,000 mostly from his comedy and rap profession.

He has a net worth of $3 million, generated from his various professions as a rapper, actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer.

DC Young FLY Age.

Young FLY is 31 years of age. He was born JohnWhitfield on 2 May 1992.

He is a private individual and prefers to celebrate his birthdays each year with close friends and family.

Jacky’s Parents.

In an interview with DJ Smallz, she reveals that she was raised by her dad single-handedly and she describes their relationship as that of best friends.

Though she does not mention his name, Jacky says that she probably got her entrepreneurship side from her dad since he has an installation company. She explains that he builds houses from the ground by hiring independent contractors to do electricity and everything that is required.

Jacky explains that the reason she and her dad have a close relationship is that they have always been close and even her brothers and sisters came later. Her dad has always been her biggest supporter and has always been using her modeling photos as his phone’s screen saver, and even painted on her bedroom wall back at home J Nova Collection.

This statement clarifies that she is the elder of her siblings though she has not mentioned how many siblings she has or their names.

Later in life, her dad remarried and Jacky says that she at first did not get along with her stepmother Maria, but they later started getting along and though she does not call her mom, she still loves her.

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