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Aleia Biggs Age, Bio, Sister,Taylen Biggs, Parents.

Aleia Biggs Age, Bio, Sister: Taylen Biggs, Parents.

A Photo OF Aleia And Her Siblings.
A Photo OF Aleia And Her Siblings.

Aleia Biggs Bio.

Aleia Biggs is a popular American model and social media influencer who rose to fame as one-half of The Biggs Sisters duo, along with her sister Taylen.

Their joint efforts have led to significant success and a massive following on various social media platforms. Aleia’s modeling career has played a significant role in their success, helping them gain widespread recognition and opportunities to collaborate with various brands.

Together, they have become a household name, inspiring young people with their fashion sense and lifestyles.

Aleia Biggs Age.

Aleia Biggs was born on February 26, 2015, in the United States, under the zodiac sign of Pisces.

As of today’s date, April 11, 2023, she is eight years old. Despite being only eight, Aleia has accomplished much in her young life, and her fame has spread far and wide thanks to her achievements as a model and social media influencer.

Her age may be young, but she has already gained a massive following, inspiring many with her talent and personality.

It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this young rising star, and we can expect to see her continue to make waves in the fashion and social media industries.

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Aleia Biggs Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth: February 26, 2015.
  • Age: 8 years as of 2023.
  • Zodiac: Pisces.
  • Real Name: Aleia Biggs.
  • Nickname: Biggs.
  • Place Of Birth: Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Social Media.

Background Information.

  • Education: N/A.
  • Hobby: N/A.
  • Father: Josh Biggs.
  • Mother: Angelica Calad.
  • Siblings/Brothers/Sisters: Jace Hudson Biggs and Taylen Biggs.
  • Nationality: American.


  • Occupation: Fashion correspondent, influencer, and internet personality.
  • Achievements and Awards: TV Personality.
  • Salary: N/A.
  • Net Worth: N/A.

Body Measurements.

  • Height: N/A.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Eye Colour: N/A.
  • Hair Colour: N/A.
  • Shoe Size: N/A.

Aleia Biggs Early Life and Education.

Aleia Biggs, along with her older sister Taylen, began their modeling careers at a very young age, starting when they were barely a year old.

Since then, they have modeled for numerous popular brands, including Kardashian Kids and Fashion Kids. Their fame and talent have not gone unnoticed, and they were even entrusted with taking over the Snapchat account for Kardashian Kids, a brand owned by reality TV stars Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian.

While their modeling and social media careers have taken off, it is not clear whether the Biggs Sisters have attended traditional schools or have been homeschooled. Regardless of their educational background, their success is a testament to their natural talent and hard work, and they continue to inspire young people worldwide.

Aleia Biggs’s Parents and Siblings.

Aleia Biggs was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Josh and Angelica Calad. She has an elder sister named Taylen Biggs, who shares her love for fashion and has also made a name for herself as a fashion influencer.

Together, they are known as The Biggs Sisters, a talented duo that has made a significant impact in the fashion industry. According to an interview with Cosmopolitan, Taylen accidentally went viral when she was just six months old, and her popularity continued to grow from there.

Their parents, Josh and Angelica, have been instrumental in supporting their children’s endeavors and have instilled a love for creativity and fashion in them from a young age.

In 2020, the Biggs family welcomed a new addition, Jace Hudson Biggs, who is already following in his sisters’ footsteps toward becoming a fashion influencer. With such a supportive and fashion-oriented family, it is no wonder that the Biggs children have found success in the industry.

Mother: Angelica Clad.

Angelica Clad is the mother of Taylen and Aleia Biggs, and she plays a vital role in fostering their careers as young fashion influencers.

As the manager of their Instagram page, Angelica has been instrumental in promoting her daughters’ talents and supporting their growth in the fashion industry. She previously worked as the Marketing and Branding Director at Post Lauderdale Style Week but decided to become a stay-at-home mom to dedicate her time to her children’s careers.

Angelica’s passion for fashion is evident in her background and education. She attended Northeast High School in Oakland Park and later pursued a degree in Psychology at Florida Atlantic University. She also attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to further her education in fashion and design.

Her educational background and extensive experience in the fashion industry, which includes managing various runway shows from 2009 to 2010 and interning at a design company called Lanvin for a year, have undoubtedly contributed to her children’s success as young models and influencers.

As a loving and supportive mother, Angelica continues to manage her daughters’ social media accounts and guide their careers, cementing their family’s place in the world of fashion. Her passion for fashion and dedication to her family has been a driving force behind the Biggs Sisters’ success, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this talented family.

Father: Josh Clad.

Josh Clad is the father of Taylen and Aleia Biggs, and he is employed at a global insurance company, where he also co-owns the business. Despite his busy schedule, Josh makes sure to prioritize his daughters’ work commitments, thanks to his flexible work arrangements as a business owner. He is committed to supporting his daughters’ passions and helping them achieve their goals in the fashion industry.

Sister: Taylen Biggs.

Taylen Biggs is an American fashion correspondent, influencer, and internet personality who has become a sensation on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram.

Taylen’s success as a young model is evident in the stunning fashion photos that she frequently posts on her social media accounts. Her posts are a testament to her love for fashion and her ability to effortlessly style various outfits.

She has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including the Kardashian Kids and Fashion Nova Kids, and has been featured in publications such as Vogue and Elle.

What is Taylen Biggs Famous For?

Taylen Biggs has become a prominent figure in the fashion industry, especially in the field of children’s fashion. Her remarkable achievements have made her a widely recognized influencer on various social media platforms, notably Instagram.

She is known for being the first model to be discovered via social media for the children’s clothing line owned by popular personalities Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian. Taylen’s impressive accomplishments have set her apart from many other fashion influencers on the internet.

She has graced the runways of prominent fashion events like Miami Fashion Week, Swim Week, and New York Fashion Week, demonstrating her exceptional modeling skills and impeccable fashion sense.

Taylen has also established strong connections with some of the world’s leading fashion brands, including Disney, Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, and Kardashian Kids. Her collaborations with these brands have not only elevated her career but also boosted her reputation as a fashion icon.

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