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Ava Bozzi Age, Mother, Sister(Billie Lourd) Heart Condition. Father: Bruce Bozzi Net Worth.

Ava Bozzi Age, Mother, Sister(Billie Lourd) Heart Condition. Father: Bruce Bozzi Net Worth.

From Left Ava's Dad Bruce Bozzi, Step Sister,Billie Lourd and Adoptive Dad Bryan Lourd.
From Left Ava’s Dad Bruce Bozzi, Step Sister, Billie Lourd, and Adoptive Dad Bryan Lourd.

Ava Bozzi Bio.

Ava Bozzi is a surrogate daughter to American Entrepreneur currently serving as a Business executive and Palm Restaurant Group Vice President, Bruce Bozzi, and adoptive daughter to Bryan Lourd.

Ava has an elder step-sister, Billie Lourd.

Ava Bozzi Age.

Born in the 2000s in the United States of America, Ava is between the ages of 10 and 15 years as of 2023.

Her age has not been clarified to the public.

Ava Bozzi Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth: 2000’s.
  • Age: Between 10 and 15 years as of 2023.
  • Zodiac: N/A.
  • Real Name: Ava Bozzi.
  • Nickname: Ava.
  • Place Of Birth: USA.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Ethnicity: American.

Social Media.

Early Life and Family.

  • Father: Bruce Bozzi and Bryan William Lourd.
  • Mother: N/A.
  • Siblings: Billie Lourd.

Education and Career.

  • High School: N/A.
  • College: N/A.
  • Occupation: N/A.
  • Achievements and Awards: N/A.
  • Salary: N/A.
  • Net Worth: N/A.

Body Measurements.

  • Height:5 feet.
  • Weight: 45 kg.
  • Eye Color: Black.
  • Hair Color: Black.
  • Shoe Size: 37.

Ava Bozzi Heart Condition.

Ava had open heart surgery two weeks after birth, two weeks after being born via surrogacy.

There is no reason to be concerned about her health, and we think the surgery took care of her heart issue.

Ava Bozzi’s Father: Bruce Bozzi.

Born through surrogacy to her father, Bruce Bozzi, Ava is the only child of her father and adoptive to her father’s husband Bryan William Lourd.

Bruce Bozzi is an American businessman and the vice president of the Palm Restaurant Group.

He holds practically every executive position inside the Palms organization and is a fourth-generation descendant of the founder of the Palm Restaurant Group. Bozzi presently operates and manages The Palm, a Steakhouse location in New York.

Bryan Lourd’s marriage to Bruce is another reason for his fame.

Bruce Bozzi’s Net Worth.

Bozzi has accumulated an estimated net worth of at least $65 million while serving as the vice president of the Palm Restaurant Group.

Working his way up through nearly every management level within the Palms company has been his primary source of income.

His fortune came about when he advanced in promotions and saw a rise in his income.

Bruce Bozzi Age.

Born in 1966, in Manhattan, New York City, Bruce is 57 years as of 2023.

He celebrates his birthday each year on March 16, with close friends and family.

Adoptive Father: Bryan Lourd.

American talent agent and business executive Bryan William Lourd is famously known as an American talent agent and business executive.

Since October 1995, he has served as a partner, managing director, and co-chairman of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

Bryan is also well-known for being married to Bruce Bozzi after divorcing Carrie Fisher, his wife of nine years, in 1994.

Step Sister: Billie Lourd.

The late Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd’s sole child, actress Billie Catherine Lourd, was born in the US on July 17, 1992.

She is well recognized for her roles in the Fox horror comedy Scream Queens and the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story (2015–2016). (2017–present). She also makes an appearance as Lieutenant Connix in the Star Wars prequel trilogy (2015–2019).

Jackson Joan Lourd Rydell and Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell, her two children, are Bryan’s grandchildren.

Ava Bozzi is Carrie’s only adoptive sister.

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