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CBS Dray Clark Reporter Salary, Net Worth. Bio, Age, Wiki, Jericka Duncan, Location.

Where Is Dray Clark Working Now?

As a National Correspondent, Dray Clark joined NewsNation in April 2022.

Dray joined NewsNation after working as a correspondent for Black News Channel in New York City.

He has previously worked at stations in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, and Macon, Georgia, in addition to WABC-TV in New York City.

Dray Clark Salary.

An NBC News correspondent has an average salary of $75,067, according to payscale.com.

The 45-year-old reporter must have built a massive net worth over the course of his many years of employment with the media outlet.

According to payscale.com, Dray might make roughly $75,000 annually.

Salary Summary.
  • Year 2022: $72,000.
  • Year 2023: $75,000.
  • Year 2024: $79,000.
Dray Clark Net Worth.

Dray has an estimated net worth of $ 350,000.

This is not his actual net worth since he is a conserved individual and hasn’t disclosed to the public his financial details.

Net Worth Summary.
  • Year 2022: $ 348,000.
  • Year 2023: $ 350,000.
  • Year 2024: $ 353,000.
Dray Clark Bio.

Dray Clark is a  National Correspondent at NewsNation famously known for his court case in 2020 and currently dating CBS news correspondent Jericka Duncan.

His LinkedIn page states that he received his degree from Lincoln University. After then, he became the anchor of the WJW station on FOX 8.

He presently works at NBC News for NBC 10.

Dray Clark Wiki.
  • Age: 45 years.
  • Date Of Birth: N/A.
  • Zodiac: N/A.
  • Salary: $75,000.
  • Net Worth: $ 350,000.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Career: National Correspondent.
Dray Clark Age.

During his court case in 2020, when Dray attracted public attention he was 41 years old.

Currently, Dray is 45 years old.

He is a conserved individual who celebrates his birthday each year with close friends and family.

Dray Clark Career.

In April 2022, Dray Clark began working for NewsNation as a National Correspondent.

After serving as a correspondent for Black News Channel in New York City, Dray joined NewsNation.

In addition to WABC-TV in New York City, he has also worked at stations in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, and Macon, Georgia.

Dray Clark Location.

Clark is currently stationed in New York as a National Correspondent at NewsNation.

Dray Clark Court Case.

Dray Clark, an anchor for NBC, and a reporter was detained on Friday, September 27.

He was accused of attacking his partner at home, according to the allegations. In actuality, he was accused of 16 offenses, including making terroristic threats and engaging in harassment and theft.

An altercation was reportedly reported outside of Clark’s Pennsylvania house by a lady who identified herself as his girlfriend.

According to reports, he choked and struck the woman multiple times. According to Aigner Cleveland, the press secretary for Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, the woman visited Clark’s house on September 26.

She made an effort to make amends for an earlier domestic attack that occurred in New Castle County. Dray was, in fact, imprisoned during that time as well.

Dray will have to retrace his prior legal scars and go through the same ordeal. Officials say that his case is really critical. His bond was set at $20,000.

Dray Clark’s Relationship.

Jericka Duncan, a CBS news correspondent, and her rumored lover Dray Clark are still together despite not being engaged or married.
He is a part of the NewsNation team, so they would be in the same social circle, even though we don’t know how they met.

On their website, Dray claims to be based in New York City. He has previously held positions at WABC-TV in Macon, Grand Rapids, and Philadelphia.

Dray exudes dependability, and interest in his segment on Morning In America is already high.

He was taken into custody in 2019 and accused of 16 crimes, including theft and harassment after his girlfriend suffered domestic abuse.

Dray Clark’s Girlfriend: Jericka Duncan.
Jericka Duncan Bio.

Jericka Duncan, a journalist with CBS News in New York City who covers American national TV news, was born on August 12, 1983.

She rose to fame in 2018 after she made public communications that Jeff Fager had given her as she looked into allegations of sexual assault against him.

Jericka Duncan Age.

Jericka Duncan, who was born on August 12th, 1983, is 39 years old.

She is frugal and enjoys her birthdays with her loved ones every year.

Jericka Duncan Daughter.

Although Jericka has never discussed her husband in a public setting, the fact that she has a daughter named Journey is publicly known.

They appear to get along well despite Duncan’s current appearance as a single mother because they frequently exchange smiles and go on walks together. She has not spoken about the man who is the father of her daughter.

Jericka and her daughter made a special appearance on an edition of CBS Mornings. In the short video, a mother and daughter duo read aloud from a children’s anti-racism book.

When Jericka later inquired about her daughter’s favorite chapter in the book, the girl said that she didn’t appreciate the way the author dealt with racism.

Jericka watched in amazement as her young daughter expressed her ideas on anti-racism in a meaningful response to the inquiry.

Jericka Duncan Career.

After graduation in May 2005, Duncan began working as a reporter for the NBC-affiliated WETM-TV in Elmira, New York.

After that, she began producing reports for WIVB-TV, a CBS-affiliated television station in Buffalo, New York.

She moved to the CBS-owned KYW-TV station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2010, and she began working as a national correspondent for CBS News in 2013.

The Boston winter, the 70th anniversary of D-Day in 2014, the hurricane Sandy anniversary, and the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard are just a few of the major events Duncan has covered.

Jericka Duncan Education.

She attended Aurora High School in Ohio and graduated in 2001.

At Aurora High School, she competed on the basketball and track & field teams. Duncan represented Aurora High School in track and field competitions and set five records.

After graduating from high school, Duncan continued her education by enrolling at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where she majored in communication.

Jericka continued competing in track and field while in college and captained the squad.

She received the NAACP Image Award for Athletics in 2005.

In the same year, Duncan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Ohio University.

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