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Colleen White Bio, Age, Husband & Son,Derrick White Net Worth.

Colleen White Bio, Age, Husband & Son: Derrick White Net Worth.

Colleen White Bio.

Colleen, who is famous for being a celebrity mother to Derrick White, finds fulfillment in her role as a supportive and nurturing mother to her son. Derrick has risen to prominence as a highly acclaimed NBA star, earning widespread recognition for his positions as a shooting guard and point guard in NBA All-Defensive Second Team.

Colleen White Age & Obituary.

Colleen is a conserved individual and does not fancy public attention if not for her celebrity son. As of 2023,  she might be between 49 and 55 years old, celebrating her birthday each year with close friends and family.

She is still a strong lad, going about her daily activities usually and helping his husband take care of their two children.

There has been no cause for alarm in regard to Colleen’s health and it is therefore believed that she is healthy. In case of any new information, this site will be updated.

Colleen White Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth:  Unknown.
  • Age: Unknown.
  • Zodiac: Unknown.
  • Real Name: Colleen White.
  • Nickname: CW.
  • Place Of Birth: Unknown.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Ethnicity: African-American.

Richard White Family.

  • Husband: Richard White.
  • Son: Derrick White
  • Daughter: Brianna White
  • Daughter-in-law: Hannah Schneider.
  • Grandson: Hendrix James White.
  • Marital Status: Married.

Body Measurements.

  • Height: N/A.
  • Weight:  N/A.
  • Eye Colour: Brown.
  • Hair Colour: Brown.

Social Media.

Due to her reserved nature, Colleen prefers not to actively participate in social media platforms.

Who is her son Derrick White?

Derrick White, an exceptional basketball player originating from the United States, currently represents the Boston Celtics in the prestigious National Basketball Association (NBA).

In his formative years, White made significant contributions as a member of the Colorado-Colorado Springs Mountain Lions in Division II. White transferred to the Division I program of the Colorado Buffaloes for his final season of collegiate basketball.

This transition to the Division I level presented an exciting opportunity for White to compete at a higher echelon of collegiate basketball.

Colleen White Career.

Colleen is a committed and skilled professional who holds the position of legal assistant within the I.T. department of a prominent digital education company. Working side by side with her husband, Richard White, they form a dynamic team, leveraging their collective expertise to uphold the legal integrity and smooth operation of the organization.

In her role as a legal assistant, Colleen brings forth her knowledge of legal processes and procedures, assisting in the management of contracts, compliance, and other legal matters within the company. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, and understanding of legal principles are instrumental in ensuring that the company adheres to legal requirements and operates efficiently.

Colleen White Husband and Children.

Colleen White, Richard White’s esteemed spouse, has played a crucial and influential role in the upbringing and overall development of their highly talented son, Derrick White, who was born on July 2, 1994, in Parker, Colorado. Filled with immense pride, Richard and Colleen White have been instrumental in shaping Derrick’s educational journey. He enrolled at Legend High School, a recently established institution located in their hometown of Parker, Colorado.

Derrick shares a strong bond with his beloved sister, Brianna White, within the White family. While specific details about Brianna’s involvement in sports or personal life are not provided, her presence undoubtedly holds great significance within their closely-knit family.

Son: Derrick White’s Contract & Salary 2023.

Derrick White has signed a lucrative agreement with the San Antonio Spurs, committing to a substantial four-year contract worth $70,000,000. This deal guarantees him $68,000,000 in earnings. The contract demonstrates the high value and confidence the Spurs have in White, with an impressive average annual salary of $17,500,000.

For the upcoming 2023-24 season, White is slated to receive a base salary of $17,607,143. From a financial perspective, his contract carries a cap hit of $18,357,143 for the season. The cap hit represents the portion of the team’s salary cap allocated to White’s contract, affecting the overall financial flexibility of the Spurs’ roster. Furthermore, the contract has a dead cap value of $17,607,143, indicating the amount that would still count against the team’s salary cap if White were to be released or traded.

Derrick White’s Net Worth.

As of 2023, Derrick White is estimated to have a net worth ranging between 5 and 10 million USD. The primary source of his wealth stems from his lucrative career as a professional basketball player. Given White’s continued success and exceptional performance on the court, his income is expected to grow steadily in the coming years, driven not only by his salary but also by lucrative endorsement deals.

It’s important to note that net worth can vary over time due to several factors, including contract negotiations, performance incentives, investment ventures, and endorsement opportunities. As White navigates his professional basketball journey, these factors contribute to the overall value of his net worth. With his talent, dedication, and growing prominence in the basketball world, it is anticipated that White’s net worth will continue to flourish as he seizes new opportunities and solidifies his position among the elite players in the sport.

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