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Shelby & Dylan.Dylan Reese Net Worth 2023,24. Age, Job, Height,Wife.

Shelby & Dylan: Dylan Reese Net Worth 2023/24. Age, Job, Height, Wife.

Dylan Reese Net Worth.

Dylan Reese has garnered considerable fame and fortune through his career as a TikTok star. His net worth is not solely derived from TikTok, as he has also ventured into other lucrative avenues such as TV commercials, sponsorships, and ambassadorship for renowned brands.

While the exact figures are currently under review, preliminary estimates suggest that Dylan Reese’s net worth falls in the range of $2-3 million.

NetWorth Summary.

  • Year 2023: $2 million.
  • Year 2024: $3 million.
  • Year 2025: $3.5 million.

Dylan Reese Salary.

Dylan’s financial success is prominently attributed to his rapidly growing social media presence. With over 4.1 million followers and 107 million likes on his TikTok account “shelbanddyl,” Dylan Reese commands an impressive annual income, estimated to be at least $600,000. 

Salary Summary.

  • Year 2023: $450,000.
  • Year 2024: $600,000.
  • Year 2025: $978,200.
Dylan attended Athens State University for a year. He has worked as a benefits consultant and collections officer.
Dylan attended Athens State University for a year. He has worked as a benefits consultant and collections officer.

Dylan Reese Bio.

Dylan Reese is a celebrity spouse widely recognized for his collaborative TikTok account, “Shelby & Dylan,” where he shares engaging content with his wife, Shelby Reese.

The account has amassed over 4.1 million followers, showcasing the couple’s comedic moments and reactions. Beyond TikTok, Dylan’s personal Instagram account, “dylankreese,” boasts more than 60,000 followers, emphasizing his growing influence across multiple platforms.

Noteworthy is Dylan’s proficiency in playing the guitar, adding a unique flair to his celebrity persona.

Dylan Reese Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth: March 9, 1995.
  • Age:  29 years old as of 2024.
  • Zodiac:  Pisces.
  • Real Name: Dylan Reese.
  • Nickname: Dylan
  • Place Of Birth: United States.
  • Nationality: American.

Early Life And Family.

  • Husband: Shelby Reese.
  • Children: Kemp.
  • Siblings: N/A.
  • Father:  N/A.
  • Mother: N/A.

Career & Education.

  • University: Athens State University.
  • Occupation: Content Creator & Youtuber.
  • Achievements: N/A.
  • Salary:$ $600,000 annually.
  • Net Worth: $ 3 million.
  • Endorsements: N/A.
  • Endorsements Earnings: N/A.

Body Measurements.

  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Weight: 74 kg.
  • Hair color: Blonde.
  • Eye Colour: Brown.

Social Media.

Dylan Reese Age.

Born in the United States in 1995, Dylan celebrates his birthday each year on March 9 in the company of his wife, their newborn son, close friends, and family. As of 2024, He will be turning 29 in March.

  • Year 2023: 28 years old.
  • Year 2024: 29 years old.
  • Year 2025: 30 years old.

Dylan Reese Career.

Dylan’s journey to stardom took an unconventional route. While attending Athens State University for a year, he explored various career paths, working as a benefits consultant and collections officer.

His turnaround moment came in September 2022 when he posted his first TikTok video, featuring teenage photos set to the song “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus.

Dylan Reese’s Wife.

Dylan Reese exchanged vows with his wife Shelby Reese in 2019, and the couple embraced parenthood with the birth of their first child, Kemp, in 2023. Their family bond extends to include their cherished pet dog, Sadie.

The Reese family’s social media escapades have left an indelible mark, capturing the hearts of viewers through relatable and entertaining content. A prime example is the widely-viewed video titled “Telling my husband I ate at his favorite restaurant without him,” which amassed an impressive 17 million views.

Wife: Shelby Reese Age.

Shelby Reese, born on February 16, 1996, in the United States under the astrological sign of Aquarius, shares the spotlight with Dylan. At 28 years old, she complements Dylan’s journey with her own charisma and presence.

In conclusion, Dylan Reese’s multifaceted career, coupled with his engaging social media content and endorsements, has propelled him to fame and financial success.

As he continues to navigate the digital landscape, the future holds even more opportunities for this dynamic TikTok star and content creator.

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