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Francisco dos Santos Bio, Obituary, Wife, Daughter(Flordelis) Cause Of Death.

Francisco dos Santos Bio.

Francisco dos Santos was an artist and musician and famous Brazillian father of daughter Flordelis dos Santos de Souza, popularly known as Flordelis.

He lived in Jacarezinho, Rio de Janeiro with his family before his death.

Francisco dos Santos Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth: N/A.
  • Date Of Death: N/A.
  • Age: N/A.
  • Zodiac: N/A.
  • Real Name:Francisco Jorge dos Santos.
  • Nickname: Francisco.
  • Place Of Birth: Jacarezinho, Rio de Janeiro

Francisco dos Santos Obituary.

The famous Brazillian father, Francisco lost his life in a car accident and was succeeded by his wife Carmozina Motta dos Santos and daughter Flordelis.

He died with his son in the accident.

Francisco dos Santos Wife.

Carmozina Motta dos Santos is famous for being the mother of Flordelis dos Santos de Souza, popularly known as Flordelis. 

She ran a daycare looking after children in the community.

Carmozina Motta dos Santos Age.

She might be between the ages of 70 and 85 years as of 2023.

Carmozina Motta dos Santos Obituary.

As of the time of publication of this article, not much is known about her whereabouts. Flordelis hasn’t disclosed much about her.

Francisco dos Santos Daughter.

Flordelis de Santos de Souza.

Popularly known as Flordelis, Flordelis dos Santos de Souza is a Pentecostal pastor, contemporary Christian musician from Brazil, a former member of the House of Deputies (representing Rio de Janeiro), and murderer who was found guilty of the death of her husband, pastor Anderson do Carmo.

Photo of the late Francisco do Santos celebrity daughter.
Photo of the late Francisco do Santos celebrity daughter.

Where is Flordelis de Santos de Souza Now?

She is presently doing her sentence at a prison in Brazil. Many of her children received prison sentences as well.

After being detained by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police on August 13, 2021, Flordelis’ preventative custody was granted by the 3rd Criminal Court of Niterói.

She is now recognized as an ordinary citizen and no longer enjoys the parliamentary immunity she did before her term expired.

In November 2022, she was found guilty of murder and given a 50-year sentence.

Flordelis de Santos de Souza Net Worth.

Flordelis’ estimated net worth at the time of her arrest ranged from $5 million to $10 million.

She saw an increase in her income as her church grew.

Flordelis de Santos de Souza Murder Charges.

On June 16, 2019, early in the morning, her husband, Anderson do Carmo de Souza, was tragically murdered in front of his house.

One of the adopted children, Lucas dos Santos do Carmo, age 18, confessed to the killing and accused his adoptive brother, Flávio dos Santos, age 38, of taking part.

Prosecutors asserted in August 2020 that Flordelis and a number of her children had planned Anderson’s murder.

Because to Flordelis’ parliamentary immunity, police tried to have her membership in Congress canceled but were unsuccessful.

Flordelis de Santos de Souza Husband.

Anderson do Carmo is well-known because she is Pastor Flordelis’ husband.

Do Carmo, who was underage, came in with the family as a new adoptive son, according to one of her adopted children who testified in court.

Yet, the law never recognized his adoption, and in 1998, do Carmo, who was 21 at the time, wed de Souza.

The couple persisted in bringing in abandoned children over the years, ultimately raising 55 children.

Anderson do Carmo Bio.

On March 27, 1977, Anderson do Carmo was born in Brazil.

He produced Flordelis: Basta Uma Palavra Para Mudar, which made him famous (2009).

Do Carmo was well-known for being the husband of Flordelis dos Santos de Souza, a former member of the House of Deputies, a contemporary Christian singer from Brazil, a Pentecostal pastor, and an adoptive mother.

In Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 16, 2019, he passed away at the age of 42.

Anderson do Carmo Death.

In the garage of his home in Niteroi, a city close to Rio de Janeiro, Anderson do Carmo, 42, was shot 30 times before daybreak on Sunday, with several of the bullets impacting him in the pelvic area.

Anderson do Carmo’s Cause Of Death.

According to one online documentary, Anderson’s two adopted boys killed him. Their mother, Pastor Flordelis, planned the murder and carried it out.

Pastor Anderson had began to exercise control over his wife’s finances, which she did not enjoy, in addition to elevating himself to a position of prominence in the church and attracting attention to himself.

The pastors allegedly stated that adulterous “betrayal” was the reason for the murder, according to certain news reports.

What caused the assassination is still a mystery to the general public.

But it is clear that his wife and kids were at fault.

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