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A Cover Photo Of Jay Cole.

Jay Cole Wild ‘N Out Salary, Net Worth.Real name, Age, Bio, Daughter, Boyfriend, Career.

Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas) Bio.

A comedian, actor, and internet celebrity from the United States named Jaimesha Thomas born on October 5, 1994(better known as Jay Cole) is well-known for her comedy routines on Instagram and Vine.

She was a recurrent cast member of the MTV and VH1 improv comedy series Wild ‘N Out from Season 14 through Season 16.

Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas) Age.

Jay is 29 years of age.

She is a conserved individual and celebrates her birthday with close friends and family.

Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas) Salary.

As of 2022, Jameisha earns a salary of $ 42 per hour and at least $ 200,000 annually. This is in reference to top-level comedians’ salaries in the United States.

Jameisha is a renowned top-level comedian and her rate card might be higher. Also, she obviously has many gigs throughout the month/year and therefore we are convinced that she has amassed a good fortune out of her comedy career.

Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas) Net worth.

Jameisha has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

She is a private individual and has kept information about her income private.

This information is in reference to her lucrative comedy career.

Jameisha Thomas Wiki.

  • Age: 29 years.
  • Date Of Birth: October 5, 1994.
  • Zodiac: Libra.
  • Real name: Jameisha Thomas.
  • Salary: $ 42 per hour and at least $ 200,000 annually.
  • Net worth: $10 million.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Career: A comedian, actor, and internet celebrity.

Jay Cole Height and Weight.

She weighs approximately 70 kg.

According to her pictures, Jameisha is quite tall.

She stands at a height of 5ft 8 inches tall.

A Close Up Photo of Jay Cole.
A Close-Up Photo of Jay Cole.

Does Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas) Have a Daughter?

Over time, rumors have persisted that ThatGirlJayCole is the father of a daughter. These are simply internet rumors, not reliable sources of information.

Jay Cole gave birth to a baby boy in 2021, and as of 2022, she hasn’t had any further children.

Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas )Boyfriend.

Leek Sneed is famously known for having a baby named Deuce with comedian Jameisha.

Jaimesha, aka ThatGirlJayCole, announced to the world that she is expecting a baby boy. Jaimesha gave birth to her adorable child on October 19, 2021.

The comedian and Leek Sneed, owner of the “Campaign” clothing label, will be parents for the first time. The pair, who are both prominent members of the D.C. social scene, refer to one another as best friends, and the pictures and videos of their gender reveal to show how close they are.

Jay Cole thanked everyone for their support on Instagram a few days after giving birth and shared how her pregnancy experience was. She states in the post “For all of us, it has been a life-altering experience. I wouldn’t change the sequence of events in the slightest, even having to have an emergency c-section and having my right ovary removed after 48 hours of labor.”

Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas) Career.

Jay Cole, dubbed “D.C.’s funniest female public figure,” wants to be an A-list actress with a successful television career. She joined Vine early, in the first year of 2013, when it originally launched.

Before Vine shut down, she had amassed over 700,000 followers. For films that not only went viral but were also uploaded by some of the biggest celebrities like Beyonce.

Jay Cole earned BET’s LMAO! social media award in 2018. Her work is responsible for smiles all around the world.

Alongside Jay Cole’s charming and humorous demeanor. She joined the cast of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out after making a guest appearance in Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” video.

Jay Cole (Jameisha Thomas) Family.

ThatGirlJayCole has been a popular figure on the internet for a while, and during that time, she has managed to conceal the identity of her family.

It is unknown if her mother and father are still living, or if she has any siblings.

While her grandma passed away, Jameisha posted pictures and videos of her in an Instagram post, saying that she had been by her side for five hours a day when she was a baby.

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