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A Photo Of Judge Adam Levy With His Mother Judge Judy.

Judge Adam Levy Salary & Net Worth 2024. Tribunal Justice, Career.

Adam Levy Net Worth 2024.

Adam Levy, after a successful four-year journey, has accrued an estimated net worth of $1.5 million by 2024. While remaining relatively private about his earnings, Levy’s financial status has steadily evolved.

Net Worth Summary.

  • Year 2024: $1.5 million dollars.
  • Year 2025: $1.8 million dollars.
  • Year 2026: $ million dollars.

Adam Levy Salary 2024.

Based on estimations derived from the typical earnings of District Attorneys in the United States, Adam Levy’s annual income is projected to be around $128,879 for the year 2024.

This figure reflects his previous role as a District Attorney before transitioning to his current position as a panelist on The Tribunal Justice Show.

Salary Summary.

  • Year 2024: $128,879 thousand dollars.
  • Year 2025: $145,879 thousand dollars.
  • Year 2026: $170,000 thousand dollars.
A Photo Of Judge Adam Levy With His Wife Lori Levy.
A Photo Of Judge Adam Levy With His Wife Lori Levy.

Adam Levy Bio.

Born in 1968 in New York, Adam Levy, aged 56 in 2024, brings extensive legal expertise to the bench, serving as one of the three judges on Tribunal Justice.

Renowned for his legal acumen and notably recognized as the son of the iconic Judge Judy Sheindlin, Levy encountered a significant legal battle, navigating a defamation lawsuit against Putnam County’s Sheriff, ultimately resolving the issue.

Adam Levy Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth: 1968.
  • Age:  56 years old as of 2024.
  • Zodiac: N/A.
  • Real Name: Adam Levy.
  • Nickname: Judge Adam Levy.
  • Place Of Birth: New York.
  • Nationality: American.

Early Life And Family.

  • Wife:  Lori Ann Leichtman.
  • Children: Sarah Rose, Jacob, and Emma.
  • Siblings: Jamie Hartwright.
  • Father:  Jerry Sheindlin.
  • Mother: Judy Sheindlin.

Career & Education.

  • University: Hofstra Law School.
  • Occupation: Former District Attorney.
  • Achievements: Founding Member of the Putnam County Intelligence Committee.
  • Salary:$128,879 annually.
  • Net Worth:$ 1.5 million.
  • Endorsements: N/A.
  • Endorsements Earnings: N/A.

Body Measurements.

  • Height: 5 ft 7 in.
  • Weight: 65 kg.
  • Hair color: Brown.
  • Eye Colour: Brown.

Adam Levy Career.

After graduating from Hofstra Law School in 1992, Levy commenced his career as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. His focus encompassed prosecuting a diverse array of offenders, particularly championing justice for women and children subjected to physical and sexual assault.

During his two terms as Putnam County District Attorney, Levy leveraged his experience as a private practitioner to institute pragmatic programs enhancing fair and unbiased justice administration. Notably, his initiatives led to a substantial drop in property crime and saw Putnam County acclaimed as the safest county in New York State during his tenure.

Moreover, Levy prioritized addressing societal issues head-on, emphasizing treatment for individuals grappling with addiction and bolstering resources at the Child Advocacy Center to support victims of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

As the Founding Member of the Putnam County Intelligence Committee, Levy orchestrated collaboration among law enforcement agencies to optimize information sharing and combat crime effectively at both state and federal levels.

Adam Levy Tribunal Justice.

Transitioning from his role as a District Attorney, Adam Levy, the son of Judge Judy Sheindlin, joined esteemed Judges Patricia DiMango, Tanya Acker, and bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd on the innovative court program, Tribunal Justice.

Spearheaded by Scott Koondel’s Sox Entertainment, this show promises a distinctive courtroom experience by integrating video elements to immerse viewers in case-related scenes.

Adam Levy Wife & Kids.

His daughter, Sarah Rose, recently admitted to the bar, serves as a law clerk on Judy Justice, where Levy’s mother, the esteemed Judge Judy Sheindlin, presides.

Alongside his wife Lori, Levy also shares two other children, Jacob and Emma, who are currently pursuing their education.

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