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Meet Laura Ingraham Father James Frederick Ingraham III. His Age, Career & Family.

Meet Laura Ingraham Father James Frederick Ingraham III. His Age, Career & Family.

Meet Laura Ingraham Mother Anne Caroline. Her Bio, Obituary, Career.
A Photo Of James Frederick Ingraham III Daughter, Laura Ingraham.

James Frederick Ingraham III Bio.

James Frederick Ingraham III, who passed away on December 12th, 2013, coinciding with his 88th birthday, was famously known as the father of Journalist & Author Laura Graham. At the age of 17 in 1943, he voluntarily joined the U.S. Navy and served as Boatswain’s Mate First Class on the U.S.S. Long Island, a ship that engaged in combat operations throughout the Pacific theater.

Following his military service, he spent a few years working for the U.S. Forest Service before embarking on a career with Pratt & Whitney, where he joined the Purchasing Department.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Laura Anne Ingraham, was born on June 19, 1963. She has achieved significant recognition as an American conservative television host, author, and political commentator.

James Frederick Ingraham III Obituary.

James Frederick Ingraham III died On his 88th birthday, December 12th, 2013, James Frederick Ingraham III passed away. Born and raised in Peabody, Massachusetts, Mr. Ingraham was the son of the late James and Marie (Linehan) Ingraham.

At the age of 17 in 1943, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as Boatswain’s Mate First Class aboard the U.S.S. Long Island, which saw active combat in the Pacific theater. After his military service, he spent a few years working for the U.S. Forest Service before joining Pratt & Whitney, where he worked in the Purchasing Department.

Mr. Ingraham was preceded in death by his wife of 47 years, Anne Caroline Kozak, who passed away in 1999. He is survived by his sisters, Virginia Baker of Seabrook, SC, and Mary Jane Pucheu of Sudbury, MA, as well as his brother, David of Tolland, CT. He leaves behind four children: James F. Ingraham IV of Acton, MA, Brooks M. Ingraham of South Korea, Curtis U. Ingraham of Sausalito, CA, and Laura A.

James Frederick Ingraham III Body Measurements.

At the moment, there is no existing information on the body measurements of James Frederick Ingraham III. Data regarding his height, weight, and other physical attributes is not currently accessible. If such information becomes public in the future, this page will be examined and updated to ensure the provision of accurate and up-to-date details.

James Frederick Ingraham III Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth:  born December 12th, 1925.
  • Date Of Death: December 12th, 2013.
  • Age At Death:  88 years.
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Real Name: James Frederick Ingraham III
  • Nickname: James  Ingraham III
  • Place Of Birth: Peabody, Massachusetts.
  • Nationality:  American.
  • Ethnicity: American

Early Life And Family.

  • Grandchildren: Maria Caroline, Michael Dmitri, and Nikolai Peter.
  • Children: Laura Anne Ingraham, James IV, Brooks, Curtis.
  • Siblings: Virginia Baker, Mary Jane Pucheu, David.
  • Mother: Marie (Linehan) Ingraham.
  • Father:  James Ingraham.
  • Wife: Anne Caroline.

Career & Education.

  • College: N/A.
  • University: University of Connecticut.
  • Occupation: US Navy.
  • Awards:  N/A.
  • Salary: N/A.
  • Net Worth: N/A.
  • Endorsements: N/A.
  • Endorsements Earnings: N/A.

Body Measurements.

  • Height: N/A.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Hair color: N/A.
  • Eye Colour: N/A.

James Frederick Ingraham III Early Life.

Born on December 12th, 1925 in Peabody, Massachusetts, James Frederick Ingraham III was raised in a loving home by his parents, James and Marie (Linehan) Ingraham, who have since passed away. Growing up in Peabody, he experienced the joys and challenges of life in a close-knit community.

Throughout his life, Mr. Ingraham maintained strong family ties. He is survived by his devoted sisters, Virginia Baker, who now resides in Seabrook, South Carolina, and Mary Jane Pucheu, who currently resides in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Additionally, his brother, David, resides in Tolland, Connecticut.

At the age of 17, in 1943, filled with a sense of duty and patriotism, James Ingraham made a significant decision to enlist in the U.S. Navy. Serving with great honor and dedication, he held the rank of Boatswain’s Mate First Class aboard the U.S.S. Long Island. This vessel played a vital role in the Pacific theater, engaging in combat operations and serving alongside fellow servicemen during a tumultuous time in history.

James Frederick Ingraham III Education.

Following the conclusion of the war, Mr. Ingraham pursued higher education at the University of Connecticut, where he successfully obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Forest Management. Upon completing his studies, he embarked on a professional journey that initially led him to serve the U.S. Forest Service for a few years.

James Frederick Ingraham III Career.

After gaining some valuable experience in the U.S. Forest Service for a period of time, Mr. Ingraham transitioned his career and joined the Purchasing Department at Pratt & Whitney. He dedicated three decades of his professional life to the company, contributing his skills and expertise to its operations.

Following his long and successful tenure at Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Ingraham embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture. He became the proud owner and operator of Coin-o-Matic Car Wash located in Manchester. This endeavor allowed him to showcase his business acumen and provided a valuable service to the local community.

James Frederick Ingraham III Networth And Salary.

At present, the exact details regarding James Frederick Ingraham III’s net worth are not publicly available. However, if this information becomes accessible in the future, this page will be promptly updated.

On the other hand her daughter Laura Graham earns an annual salary of 18 million dollars from Fox News and has an annual salary of 90 million dollars as of 2023.

James Frederick Ingraham III Wife & Children.

Mr. Ingraham’s life was enriched by the presence of his loving wife, Anne Caroline Kozak, with whom he shared 47 wonderful years of marriage. Their union was a testament to the strength of their love and their unwavering commitment to one another. Tragically, Anne Caroline passed away in 1999, leaving behind a void in Mr. Ingraham’s life that could never be filled.

Despite this profound loss, Mr. Ingraham’s legacy lives on through his four children, who were a source of great pride and joy for him. His eldest son, James F. Ingraham IV, resides in Acton, Massachusetts, carrying on the family name and upholding the values instilled by his father.

Brooks M. Ingraham, another cherished child, has chosen a different path in life, carving out his own unique journey. Curtis U. Ingraham, too, has pursued his own aspirations, making a home for himself in the vibrant surroundings of Sausalito, California.

And lastly, Laura A. Ingraham, the youngest of the four, has achieved remarkable success as a prominent television host and political commentator, residing in the heart of Washington, DC.

Who is James Frederick Ingraham III Daughter?

Laura Anne Ingraham, born in 1963, is an American conservative television host, author, and political commentator. She gained prominence through her radio show, “The Laura Ingraham Show,” and later transitioned to television with programs like “Just In with Laura Ingraham” and “The Ingraham Angle.” Ingraham is known for her conservative views, and controversial statements, and has authored books reflecting her opinions.

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