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A Photo Of Pat Schofield With Her Sons Phillip And Tim Schofield.

Philip Schofield Father: Brian Schofield Bio, Obituary, Age At Death, Wife & Sons.

Brian Schofield Bio.

Brian Schofield, the father of Phillip Schofield a British television presenter, host, and actor, passed away in May 2008. In his book, “Life’s What You Make It,” Phillip Schofield, the presenter of “This Morning,” recounts the distressing night when he was just 22 years old and living with his family in Auckland, New Zealand.

It was during this time that Brian suffered a heart attack, and Phillip vividly remembers the traumatic experience. Brian, who was 72 years old at the time, fortunately, survived the heart attack but had to spend several days in intensive care to recover.

Looking back on that fateful evening, Phillip acknowledges that if the incident had occurred in rural Cornwall, where his parents originally resided, the outcome would likely have been far worse.

Brian Schofield Obituary.

Brian Schofield tragically passed away in 2008 following a sudden heart attack. At the age of 72, his unexpected demise shattered what seemed like an ordinary evening for the family.

During that fateful moment, Brian suffered a heart attack while sitting in his chair, a haunting image that Phillip, his son, will forever carry with him. Despite never having witnessed CPR before, Phillip’s instincts kicked in, and he immediately began performing the life-saving technique. Simultaneously, his brother urgently called for an ambulance, while his mother sought assistance at the door.

Undeterred by his lack of formal training, Phillip persisted with his “unorthodox CPR methods” until the paramedics arrived. Upon their arrival, they took over the critical situation, successfully stabilizing Brian and placing him on a stretcher.

In recognition of his efforts, one of the paramedics handed Phillip a small certificate, which, unfortunately, he has since misplaced. The certificate bore the inscription, “Tonight, Phillip Schofield saved a life.”

Fortunately, Brian survived the heart attack and underwent several days of intensive care to aid his recovery. It is a testament to the swift actions of Phillip and the medical professionals that Brian’s life was preserved during this trying time.

Brian Schofield Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth: 1936.
  • Age At Death: 78 years.
  • Zodiac: Unknown.
  • Real Name:  Brian Schofield.
  • Nickname: Brian.
  • Place Of Birth: Oldham England.
  • Nationality:  English.
  • Ethnicity: English.

Early Life And Family.

Career & Education.

  • High School: N/A.
  • University: N/A.
  • Occupation: N/A.
  • Salary: N/A.
  • Net Worth: N/A.
  • Endorsements: N/A.
  • Endorsements Earnings: N/A.

Body Measurements.

  • Height: N/A.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Hair color: Grey.
  • Eye color: Brown.

Brian Schofield Career.

No information is available regarding Brian Schofield’s career following his passing. If any details about how he engaged himself professionally, this page will be updated accordingly to provide accurate information.

As of now, there is no further information to share about his career.

Brian Schofield Early Life.

Following Brian Schofield’s death, there is a lack of information regarding his early life, including details about his parents, siblings, and birthplace.

This page will be promptly updated if any information pertaining to his early life becomes available. As of now, there is no additional information regarding these aspects of his life to share.

Brian Schofield Education.

There is currently no information available regarding Brian Schofield’s education following his passing. The details of his educational background remain undisclosed at this time.

This page will be diligently updated if any information regarding his education is shared or discovered in the future. As of now, no further information about his educational pursuits can be provided.

Brian Schofield Networth.

Following Brian Schofield’s passing, there is a lack of information regarding his net worth. The details regarding his financial status remain unknown at this time.

This page will be promptly updated if any information about his net worth is shared or becomes available. As of now, no further information regarding his net worth can be provided.

Brian Schofield’s Wife & children.

Brian Schofield, along with his wife Pat Schofield, played a pivotal role in shaping the life of their son, Philip Schofield. Philip, born on April 1, 1962, in Oldham, Lancashire, experienced a significant turning point in his early years when the family relocated to Newquay, Cornwall when he was just eighteen months old.

During his formative years and adolescence, Philip’s passion for media and broadcasting began to flourish. Remarkably, at the tender age of 15, he embarked on an enthralling journey as a show host at Hospital Radio Plymouth. This initial immersion in the world of broadcasting laid the groundwork for his future accomplishments and paved the way for his extraordinary career.

In Philip’s upbringing, the guidance and unwavering support of his parents, Pat and Brian Schofield, proved invaluable. They provided the bedrock of encouragement and nurturing as he pursued his aspirations in the media industry. Their unwavering belief in Philip’s talents and dreams propelled him forward, fostering the confidence and determination needed for success.

Moreover, Philip shares a deep sibling bond with his brother, Tim Schofield. Undoubtedly, Tim’s presence and influence have played a significant role in Philip’s personal and professional growth. Siblings often share experiences, offer mutual support, and serve as sources of inspiration. It is highly likely that the bond between Philip and Tim has been a source of strength and motivation throughout their lives.

Would Brian Schofield Be Proud Of His Son Philip?

In an emotional interview on This Morning, Schofield expressed that his late father would have been proud of him for openly declaring his homosexuality. The beloved television personality, aged 58, revealed that he had a poignant conversation with his mother, Pat, who is 84 years old, seeking her perspective on how his father, Brian, would have reacted to this courageous moment.

During a conversation on Chris Evans’ podcast, How to Wow, aired on Virgin Radio, Phillip shared the impact of his mother’s response, likening it to a powerful explosion in his mind. Recounting his visit to Cornwall, where he disclosed his truth to his mother, he posed the question, “What do you think Dad would have said? Would he still be proud?”

Gratefully, his mother’s reassuring answer provided solace. She affirmed that his father would indeed perceive him as brave and would continue to harbor immense pride for his son. These words brought comfort to Phillip, as he described his father as one of the most compassionate, gentle, and delightful individuals he had ever known.

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