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Raymond Albert Kroc Net Worth, Death, Bio, Family, Wife, McDonald's Business.

Raymond Albert Kroc Net Worth, Death, Bio, Family, Wife, McDonald’s Business.

McDonald's Founder Raymond Posing Outside One Of His Restaurants.
McDonald’s Founder Raymond Posing Outside One Of His Restaurants.

Raymond Albert Kroc Bio.

Raymond Albert Kroc was an American businessman famously known for being the founder of  the fast food company McDonald’s.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, Kroc worked a variety of jobs, such as selling paper cups and performing music. He owned the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball (MLB) from 1974 until his passing in 1984 after leaving McDonald’s.

Raymond Albert Kroc Net Worth.

Kroc had a networth of at least $ 600 million which he achieved through the success of his fast food restaurant, McDonald’s which had grown to 7500 outlets in the USA and 31 other countries by the time of his demise.

Raymond Albert Kroc Cause Of Death.

Raymond checked himself into a recovery center for alcoholism in 1980 after suffering a stroke. He underwent medication but later died on January 14, 1984, at the age of 81, due to a heart failure at a hospital in San Diego, California.

His untimely death will forever leave a mark to his community and is remembered for his warm and giving heart.

Raymond Albert Kroc Wiki.

  • Date Of Birth: October 5, 1902.
  • Date Of Death: January 14, 1984.
  • Age at Death: 81 years.
  • Cause Of Death: Heart Failure.
  • Cemetery: El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley, San Diego.
  • Zodiac: Libra.
  • Real Name: Raymond Albert Kroc.
  • Nickname:  Ray.
  • Place Of Birth: USA.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Ethnicity: American.

Social Media.

Early Life and Family.

Education and Career.

  • High School: N/A.
  • College: N/A.
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur.
  • Achievements and Awards: Philanthropist.
  • Salary: N/A.
  • Net Worth:$ 600 million dollars.

Body Measurements.

  • Height: N/A.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Eye Color: N/A.
  • Hair Color: N/A.
  • Shoe Size: N/A.

Raymond Albert Kroc Age At Death.

The McDonald’s Founder, Raymond Albert Kroc was born on October 5, 1902 and  died on January 14, 1984, at the age of 81, due to a heart failure at a hospital in San Diego, California. Albert Kroc was laid to rest at the El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley, San Diego.

Raymond Albert Kroc Obituary.

Born and raised in  in Oak Park, Illinois, near Chicago, to Czech-American parents, Raymond grew up to be a very successful entrepreneur by transforming the little McDonald’s burger franchise into the enormous, worldwide fast food chain it is today.

After successful business years, Ray had a stroke in 1980 which led him into a recovery center for alcoholism.

At the tine of his death, Raymond’s only child and daughter had passed away due to diabetes in 1973 and therefore had no child of his to inherit his success.

For his contributions to the society through  the Ronald McDonald House, a nonprofit organization that provides free housing for parents close to medical facilities where their children are receiving treatment, he will forever be remembered.

Raymond Albert Kroc Early Life and Education.

After working several professions, such as selling paper cups and playing music, Kroc, who was born in Oak Park, Illinois, eventually found success selling milkshake mixers. He went to the Richard and Maurice McDonald-run hamburger joint in San Bernardino, California, in 1954. The quickness and effectiveness of the restaurant’s operations pleased Kroc, who persuaded the brothers to let him franchise the idea.

McDonald’s Brothers.

Kroc obtained work as a milkshake mixer salesman for the foodservice equipment maker Prince Castle following World War Two.

Kroc was impressed by Richard and Maurice McDonald, who had purchased eight of his Multi-Mixers for their San Bernardino, California restaurant, and visited them in 1954.

At the time, Prince Castle Multi-Mixer sales had fallen due to competition from cheaper Hamilton Beach goods.

Raymond Albert Kroc Family.

Kroc was born on October 5, 1902, to Czech-American parents Rose Mary (1881-1959) and Alois “Louis” Kroc in Oak Park, Illinois, close to Chicago.

Alois was born at Horn Stupno, a district of Basy not far from Rokycany. Her paternal grandpa Josef Kotilnek was from Boice, while Rose’s father Vojtch was from evtn. He built a fortune investing in land after coming to America in the 1920s, only to lose it all in the 1929 stock market crash.

Raymond Albert Kroc Wife and Daughter.

Though Ray married and divorced 3 wives, Ethel is famously known for getting married to him in 1922 as his first wife.

Ethel had previously been married, but she divorced from her first husband and remarried to Raymond and Marilyn was born from this union as an only child.
The forty-year marriage of Marilyn’s parents terminated in divorce. Disagreement about a business move Ray was going to make was said to be the reason for the divorce.

Daughter: Marilyn Kroc Barg.

Marilyn Kroc Barg was famous for being the only child to McDonald’s founder.

Despite being the only child of a successful businessman, Marilyn was an introverted individual who detested the spotlight.
She remained silent about her father or her involvement with the McDonalds partnership. Lynn was well known for being a philanthropist and gave a lot of money to many different charities.

Marilyn Kroc Barg Net Worth.

At the Time of her death, Marilyn Kroc Barg, the daughter of McDonald’s founder, Raymond Kroc had an estimated net worth of $ 6 million dollars.

Marilyn Kroc Barg Cause Of Death.

Marilyn Janet “Lynn” Kroc Barg, the sole child of the illustrious founder of McDonald’s, passed away on September 11, 1973, at the age of 48, as a result of complications from diabetes.

Diabetes, a chronic (long-lasting) medical illness that affects how your body converts food into energy, had been identified as the cause of her symptoms. After receiving treatment for some time, Lynn succumbed to the illness.

Her unexpected demise left her family and community in mourning. She made a contribution that will be remembered for its happiness.

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