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Revealed HGTV Hosts Salary & Net Worth, Wiki, Bio.

Revealed HGTV Hosts Salary & Net Worth, Wiki, Bio.

Revealed Host Net Worth 2023.

Revealed HGTV Host Valencia has an estimated net worth of approximately $ 1 million as of 2023.

She has achieved financial success through her roles as an interior designer, creative director, and host on HGTV.

HGTV Hosts Net Worth 2023.

As of 2023, HGTV boasts a net worth of roughly $17.91 million.

Mike Holmes stands out as one of the highest-earning personalities on HGTV, amassing a net worth of approximately $30 million.

Veronica Valencia Hughes, is proudly Mexican and Native American
Veronica Valencia is proudly Mexican and Native American.

Revealed Bio.

Revealed is an American TV show that made its debut on HGTV on June 29, 2023.

It is hosted by Veronica Valencia.

 The show is all about jaw-dropping renovations carried out by Veronica and her expert team.

Revealed Wiki.

  • Premiered: June 29, 2023.
  • Years of Service: 1 year as of 2023.
  • Country: United States.
  • Language: American English.
  • Legal name: Revealed.
  • Host: Veronica Valencia.
  • Channel:  HGTV.


Founded on December 1, 1994, HGTV has become a household name in the world of American pay television channels.

Its headquarters is based in Knoxville, Tennessee,

The channel is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.

HGTV was co-founded by Kenneth W. Lowe and Susan Packard.

HGTV boasts sister channels like CNN, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and TBS.

Veronica Valencia Bio.

Veronica Valencia honed her skills behind the scenes.

She played a role in over 500 makeover shows, including the iconic Extreme Makeover, where she crossed paths with her husband and current design team.

Veronica splits her time between the vibrant cities of Los Angeles and New York and is also a proud mother of two.

Revealed Cast.

The successful cast of the show includes Veronica Valencia, Josh Smith, Tommy Rouse, and David Bohler.

Their collective expertise brings life to the show’s stunning transformations.

Revealed Episodes.

Revealed has made its mark with seven captivating episodes in its first season, each with its unique storyline and design challenges.

From Telling Our Story to Family Values these episodes have kept viewers glued to their screens.

Revealed Location.

Revealed embarked on an exciting journey as it spent three months filming and working on homes across the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

The show’s dedication to showcasing the beauty of Los Angeles homes has been a highlight of its success.

Revealed Hosts Salary 2023.

Veronica Valencia earns an impressive $10,000 per episode for her work on Revealed.

This salary reflects her standing as a prominent HGTV host.

HGTV Hosts Salary 2023.

For HGTV hosts across the United States, 2023 has brought financial stability.

On average, HGTV employees in the U.S. enjoy an approximate annual salary of $25,000.

When broken down to hourly wages, the average pay for an HGTV host is around $16.00 per hour.

Notably, some of the network’s most-paid hosts include David Bromstad at $4,000,000, Sabrina Soto at $2,000,000, Jillian Harris at $3,000,000, Josh Temple at $1,000,000, and Matthew Blashaw at $1,500,000.

Who Is Tommy On HGTV Revealed?

The show also shines a spotlight on homeowners like Thomas Rouse and Joshua Smith, a San Luis Obispo couple featured in the first episode of the series.

Rouse, a designer, and Smith, an artist, are just one example of the diverse and fascinating homeowners brought to life by the show.

What Is The New Show Called Revealed On HGTV?

HGTV’s new show, Revealed, takes a unique approach by delving into clients’ heritage and family backgrounds to create the ultimate home.

Designer Veronica Valencia and her talented team are at the helm of this captivating journey, adding depth and meaning to home renovation.

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